We are proud that we can offer our clients custom-made extraction systems in different sizes! But the biggest are not always the most unique ones! So here is the time to meet our smallest extraction equipment: the DIG-MAZ 10 Extraction Equipment. It can be used  for various purposes: suitable for research and development, better for smaller quantities of raw materials and also when you want to try new raw materials for your extraction production. Would you like to learn more about this extraction system? Just keep reading:



In order to achieve our ambitious goal – to provide the world’s best solids extraction technology – and to offer you even more compatible and future-oriented products, we work in close cooperation with various research institutes. Our DIG-MAZ Extraction plants with 10 or 50 liters (you can read about DIG-MAZ 50 extractor later) extraction vessel capacity are optimally suitable for research and development purposes in industry and science. To learn more about our research and development experience, visit “Research and development” page on our website: https://samtech.at/research-development/


You can test your plan raw material with our DIG-MAZ 10 extraction system in our laboratory. Of course, we would need some details from you, such as what would your plant raw material be, what solvent you work with and what would be your final product. Do not worry, you can simply send these information via our questionnaire which you can find on our website or by a simple e-mail to , then we will contact you. We have rich experience testing various plant extracts with the DIG-MAZ 10 extractor, especially hemp extracts, tea extracts, herbal extracts and other different spices, too. Recently, hemp extracts and tea extracts are the most popular ones in our laboratory.


We have a great opportunity for you all! You can not only buy an extraction system but you can also rent it! You can now rent an extraction system for the sizes DIG-MAZ 10 and DIG-MAZ 50 from us. These extraction systems can produce extracts, oleoresins, colorants, additives, essential oils from minerals, barks, woods, fruits, blossoms and components of plant seeds.

If you want to learn more about us or you want to see the other five extraction systems, click this link below:


If you have any questions about our extraction systems, send us an e-mail at: .

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